Welcome to Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, on the south east coast of Australia.

It's often described as having all four seasons in one day...be prepared to wear everything from snow gear to beach wear.

Seminar details

Dates: Fri 23 - Sun 25 Nov 2018

Times: 8.30-5pm

Venue: MBK Dojo. Melbourne, Victoria

2018 Australian Naginata Federation Seminar

Melbourne, Australia.

The VNR is honoured to play host to the 2018 Australian Naginata Federation Seminar.

The seminar will be running over three days, Friday 23 Nov - Sunday 25 Nov, with a grading up to and including sandan held on the final day; the written examination for the dan grades will be during the Saturday afternoon session.

We are very grateful to the All Japan Naginata Federation for this opportunity and are pleased to announce that the AJNF sensei's for the seminar are:
YOSHII Mieko sensei (hanshi)
FUKUOKA Tomoko sensei (kyoshi)
HAMAOKA Kikuko sensei (kyoshi)


The venue for the seminar has provisionally been set at Melbourne Budokai Kenshikan Dojo, home to the Victorian Naginata Remnei and which is easily accessible from the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. In the event of a larger venue needing to be sourced we will endeavour for it be within accessible reach of the CBD.

Attending the seminar

If you would like to attend the seminar your dojo will be given copies of the applications for you to submit. If you belong to a non-Australian dojo or are a solo pracitioner, you can email a request for an application to seminar@naginatavictoria.org or message us via the ANF FB event page.

Seminar dinner

There will be a dinner arranged for either the Friday or Saturday night to which all participants (and partners) are invited. Current venues on the shortlist of options are:
Grill Steak Seafood $55 2 course or $65 3 course set menu
Father's Office $55 3 course set menu
Mrs Parmas no set menu
The Crafty Squire $55 2 course set menu
Bear Brass $54 2 course or $66 3 course set menu
Portello rosso $55 or $65 fiesta set menu
Crinitis $50 or $60 3 course set menu

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